The Comedy Archive from StolenDress Entertainment exists to encourage the archiving of comedy and provide access to comedy-specific archives. Whether through lists of links or hosting the digital files themselves, we’re dedicated to preserving comedy by every means available.

This begins, on a smaller scale, with the Dick Davy Archive, compiling available digital elements and those from his family to help paint a picture of a comic whose story was, publicly, a relative mystery until recently. It continues with the NewsRadio Script Archive, a collection of scripts publicly available and, as they are discovered, not previously available.

It continues with The Oral History of the Firesign Theatre (, a presentation of The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast. Firesign founding member Philip Proctor and Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen speak with host Jason Klamm about the history of the influential sketch group, album-by-album.

For more information about us or to collaborate, please e-mail Jason Klamm at